SAP Terms of Agreement for Candidates




The American College of Preventive Medicine (“ACPM”) desires to improve quality and increase access to residencies in general preventive medicine and public health (“Residency Program(s)”) by offering a standardized acceptance process.  By agreeing to these terms, the Candidate is expressing a desire to participate in the standardized acceptance process (the “SAP”).


1. Between September 30th and October 4th, program directors should send an email to notifying ACPM about their willingness to take part in the Standardized Acceptance Process to make offers for the upcoming academic year. The program name should be included in the email. 

2. Participating programs will register, indicate the number of categorical residency positions they plan to offer, and pay for the SAP through the new SAP website between the week of October 21st and December 12th, 2019. Each program will pay a flat registration fee of $175.00 to ACPM. All categorical positions a participating program plans to offer should be offered through the SAP; it is an “all-in” system.

3. The names of participating programs and the number of categorical residency positions each plans to offer will be posted on a publicly-accessible web page maintained by ACPM. A link to this web page will be placed on the “Residency Programs” section of the ACPM website and shared with program directors through other communication channels. Beginning October 21, as programs register and pay, program names will be added to the publicly-accessible SAP web page. The names of programs which have not yet paid but which can demonstrate that payment is in process through their institutions will be added to this web page.

4. Programs may increase the number of positions posted if additional funds or other capacity will enable more positions to be offered in the current recruiting season.  Programs may decrease the number of positions posted if changes in funding or other capacity necessitate, or if one or more available training slots are awarded to military trainees with permission to pursue civilian residency training (i.e. “military out-placement”). To make any such change after programs have registered and paid for their participation, please contact describing the rationale for the change.

5. Candidates applying to participating programs will be required to register and submit their rank lists for the SAP on the ACPM website between December 16, 2019 and January 10, 2020. Rank lists should rank programs which the candidate is willing to enter, beginning with the most preferred. There is no fee for candidates to register or to submit rank lists. Registrants will be asked to provide at least one email address and at least one phone number where they can be reliably reached on and around January 21, 2020. They will receive Information about the SAP at the time of registration and periodically throughout the recruiting season. They will receive a confirmation email confirming their rank list once submitted. This confirmation email will serve as their proof of submission. The candidates will NOT be assigned any registration numbers.

6. Programs can submit their rank lists showing their most preferred candidates beginning Monday January 13th, 2020 through 5:00 PM ET on Thursday January 16, 2020. Rank lists will be submitted via the ACPM website where the programs can choose from all the candidates who have registered by January 10, 2020. 

7. ACPM will then review and contact only those programs with corresponding first-choice matches (i.e. the candidate is ranked #1 by the program and the program is ranked #1 by the candidate) by 11:00 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday January 21, 2020.  When the identified candidate confirms to the program acceptance of the offer, the program should notify ACPM by sending an email to (copying the candidate) so that the slot and applicant can be removed from the SAP.  Such notification must be given by no later than 11:00 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday January 22, 2020  This will make the ensuing process more efficient by preventing other programs from offering positions to these applicants.*

8. On Wednesday, January 22nd at 12:00 PM ET, programs may begin making offers to remaining candidates of their choice; no offers may be made by participating programs before this date (outside of corresponding first-choice matches).  Only one offer may be pending at any given time for each available residency position a program has.

9. Offers should be made by email.  Optionally, programs may also contact candidates by phone, text message, or other means.

10. When a candidate accepts an offer, the residency position accepted can no longer be offered to other candidates; and the accepted candidate cannot accept any other offers.

11. When an offer is declined, the program may immediately offer that spot to any candidate who has not yet accepted an offer from another program.  Candidates are encouraged to decline offers as quickly as possible once they are certain they will not accept the offer.

12. If a candidate fails to accept or decline an offer within 6 (six) hours of receipt, the program making the offer may (but is not required to) withdraw the offer and immediately offer the position to another candidate.

13. When an offer for a position in a participating program is accepted, the program should immediately report the resident’s name, and the program name to ACPM by emailing; the accepted candidate should be copied on this email.  ACPM staff will record the institution, candidate, and date and time at which ACPM was notified on a restricted web-page accessible by participating program directors.  When a candidate accepts an offer, any offer from another program to that candidate is then considered rescinded, and the other program can immediately offer the spot to another eligible candidate.

14. All GPM/PH preventive medicine programs are requested to honor the SAP date and are asked not to make an offer until 12:00 Noon ET on Tuesday January 21, 2020. This request is made in the best interest of the applicants so that they can consider all the potential offers and make a decision about their residency program within the same time frame.

15. On Tuesday January 21st, ACPM staff will monitor the  account continually from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time.  From Wednesday January 22 through Friday January 24th, ACPM staff will monitor emails to this address continually from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time.  Beginning Monday January 27th, ACPM staff will monitor emails to this address on an hourly (at most) basis between the hours of 9:00 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Time for five business days.  Accepted offers will be posted to the programs-only web page as soon as they are received by ACPM staff.  At the same time, ACPM staff will update the publicly-available web page to reflect any open positions still available within participating programs.

16. During the interview process, programs may express their level of interest in candidates but should not discuss their intentions or plans regarding ranking or making offers.

17. Candidates must understand that a program may rescind an accepted offer a) If the candidate fails to satisfy prerequisite requirements for beginning the residency, including admission to the program’s partner school of public health or completion of prerequisite clinical training, b) If the program is unable to fund salaries or other expenses related to the position, or c) if the candidate is found to have interviewed with other programs after an acceptance has been registered with ACPM.

* The deindentified confidential full rank lists will be used by ACPM and the SAP Task Force to explore the benefits and feasibility of creating a full “match” system in future years.


a. The Candidate agrees to comply with the provisions in Section 1 as they pertain to candidates.

b. The Candidate acknowledges that ACPM facilitates the SAP as a convenience to candidates and Residency Programs.  The Candidate agrees to waive and release ACPM and its employees and agents from and against any costs, liability or damages arising from the Candidate’s participation in the SAP.

c. The Candidate warrants that the information submitted pursuant to the SAP is true and correct.  The Candidate grants permission to ACPM to release information provided to ACPM to Residency Programs and their agents to facilitate the SAP.

d. ACPM reserves the right to modify or terminate the SAP or any candidate’s participation in the SAP for any reason determined sufficient by ACPM.



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