SAP Candidates: Submit your rank list of Programs


  1. The rank list applies to the 29 General Preventive Medicine/Public Health programs that have agreed to participate in the Standardized Acceptance Process 
  2. The SAP is an internal matching service. This process is NOT connected to ERAS. ERAS is a residency application service that all candidates still have to complete. 
  3. Candidates will register and submit rank list at the same time. Its a simple one-step process. Make sure you are ready to submit your rank list when you register.
  4. You can submit your rank list until January 10th 11:59 PM ET.
  5. Read and agree to your terms of agreement before you register and submit the rank list below. Do not email your rank list. Only rank lists submitted through this form below will be accepted. 
  6. There is no payment required from the candidates.
  7. Once you register, you should get an email confirming the information you submitted                  below. This email will serve as your proof of submission.
  8. You can submit your rank list more than once until January 10, 11:59 PM ET. Your latest rank list will be regarded as the final list. 
  9. Your rank list will not be shared with the programs. Only ACPM will have a record of your rank list. 
  10. Even though we we will only match your first choice, we encourage you to submit a complete rank list. 
  11. If the form below does not load, please try another browser, or your phone. You can        also wait for a little while and try again. Due to multiple submissions, there might be a    slight delay. Thank you for your patience. 
  12. If you have any questions,contact ACPM staff


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Washington, DC 20001

(202) 466-2044