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ACPM was awarded a five-year cooperative agreement (by OSTLTS, CDC) in 2013 to conduct capacity building activities that will facilitate the integration of public health and primary care.

The main focus of the cooperative agreement is to include professional development in health systems transformation (HST). These activities span a wide variety of topics including, financing and service delivery reform, preventive medicine leadership in HST, policy drivers, among others. ACPM has also developed physician competencies in HST and is leading the conversation on the role of preventive medicine in HST. 

Project activities include developing educational materials such as fact sheets, presentation slides, resource guides, and others by updating existing materials and creating new ones that focus on transformation through integrating public health and healthcare. These activities—along with regional meetings held in 2015—are available for CME/MOC and are listed below.

What is health systems transformation?

Members of the ACPM HST Task Force developed the following definition: "Systems-based approaches to improving population, community and individual health by incorporating and addressing the determinants of health and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare"

Current Projects 

Course on the CDC's 6|18 Initiative

ACPM has received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a course that provides an overview of the CDC's 6|18 Initiative and addresses the roles of providers in engaging and implementing the initiative. Learn more about this project. 

Past Events & Resources

Physician Competencies for the HST Institute

This document provides a list of the competencies most relevant to health systems transformation, chosen from the revised list of American Hospital Association’s (AHA) 7 core competencies that physicians should meet at the end of their residencies (updated in 2012).

Fact Sheet on Background and Educational Opportunities in HST

ACPM has created a new fact sheet that provides the background on the Health Systems Transformation (HST) Project. The flyer includes the definition, physician competencies and educational resources in HST. Access the fact sheet. 

Utilizing CDC's 6|18 Initiative to Address High Blood Pressure (June 2017)

ACPM and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hosted a webinar to provide an overview and highlight examples of physicians engaged in the 6|18 initiative. Learn more about the webinar and access the slides and recording today.

PM 2017 Concurrent Session on 6|18 initiative (May 2017)

ACPM hosted a concurrent session at the annual conference on the 6|18 initiative. The session was held on Wednesday May 24, 2017 at 3:15 PM. Check back in the coming weeks for pictures. Learn more about the concurrent session. 

Listening Session on 6|18 Initiative (February 2017)

ACPM is hosting three in-person listening sessions for ACPM members and physicians to discuss the 6|18 Initiative. If you are involved or interested in preventing or addressing asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, healthcare associated infections, tobacco, and unintended pregnancy we want to hear from you. This is a rare opportunity to share your expertise and engage with fellow providers. Sessions will be held in Atlanta, Houston and New York City. Learn more about the listening sessions. 

HST Webinar (June 2016) 

Health care systems are continuing to transform from treatment and management of care to include prevention of disease and promotion of health at the population level. Additionally, there is a concerted effort from the public and the private sectors to reward physicians and allied health professionals based on value and quality of care rather than volume of care provided. Access the recorded webinar to learn about the significant changes that are being led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and private health systems and how these changes can impact your practice of medicine at the individual and community levels.

HST Learning Institute (February 2016) 

The Health Systems Transformation (HST) Learning Institute was held in conjunction with ACPM’s Preventive Medicine 2016 annual conference. Preventive medicine physicians, other healthcare and public health professionals and leaders participated in the institute that covered timely topics including: an overview HST efforts at CDC, role of preventive medicine in HST, overview of Alternative Payment Models (APM), principles of team-based care and role of community health workers; and role of health information technology and its role in preventive medicine and population health. 

Regional Meetings (Spring 2015)

ACPM hosted two regional summits in 2015 to highlight health systems transformation activities and the role of preventive medicine in this work. Presenters included state officials and stakeholders, state departments of health, ACPM members, CDC staff, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation staff, and health insurance partners, among other experts.

HST Concurrent Session at PM 2015 Annual Meeting (February 2015) 

ACPM held a session at the 2015 preventive medicine annual conference that highlighted the importance of health systems transformation to the preventive medicine community. 

ACPM fact sheets on HST 

ACPM has created several fact sheets on HST including: An Overview of Health Systems Transformation, membership survey results on preventive medicine physician involvement in HST, an Overview of State Innovation Model Awards by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation 

Additional HST Resources 

ACPM has compiled a list of over 40 resources including think tanks, centers, reports and books that delve into different aspects of HST. Please contact Anita Balan at ACPM if you would like to add additional resources to this list. 

Task Force

The following ACPM members were chosen for their varied expertise and extensive experience in Health Systems Transformation. The task force members meet once a month via conference call to provide guidance and help develop strategic direction for the HST Project. You can review their bios to learn more about each task force member.

  • M. Jacob Adams, MD, MPH
  • Daniel Blumenthal, MD, MPH, FACPM
  • Wendy E. Braund, MD, MPH, MSEd, FACPM
  • Earl W. Ferguson, MD, PhD, FACC, FACP, FACPM
  • Heather Hopkins, MD, B.S. PT, FAAPMR
  • Tisha Johnson, MD, MPH
  • Carolyn Murray, MD, MPH, FACPM
  • Samar Muzaffar, MD, MPH
  • Michael D. Parkinson, MD, MPH, FACPM
  • F. Douglas Scutchfield, MD
  • Troy E. Sybert, MD, MPH
  • Catherine Witkop, MD, MPH

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