The ACPM Board of Regents is comprised of executive officers and at-large members elected by the full membership. The Board is guided by the bylaws, strategic plan, and codes of ethics to assure the highest level of professionalism for the College and the membership in the practice of preventive medicine. Committees, sections, and task forces also address other operational functions of the Society and topics relevant to preventive medicine and various member sub-specialties.

Codes of Ethics

As the national professional medical society for physicians who specialize in preventive medicine, ACPM is committed to setting the standard and assuring the highest level of ethics and professionalism for the College in its organizational and business practices as well as for the ACPM membership in the practice of preventive medicine. Responsibility for setting and monitoring adherence to these standards rests with the ACPM Committee on Ethics, established by the Board of Regents—first as a development task force in 2006 then as a standing committee in 2009. The committee is responsible for the following standards.

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