ACPM Fellowship

Election as a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine (FACPM) is an honor bestowed upon qualified candidates by their peers on the ACPM Membership Committee. Fellows of the College are recognized for demonstration of significant efforts to advance the preventive medicine specialty and mission of the College.

Application Process

Qualified candidates meeting the following requirements must submit an application to the Membership Committee to be considered for a fellowship.

  • ACPM full dues-paying "Member"-level status in good standing for the immediate previous three years;
  • Current certification with the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM), American Osteopathic Association (AOA), or another American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) recognized board;
  • Demonstration of significant service contributions to the specialty of preventive medicine.

Complete applications for fellowship will include:

NOTE: Candidates accumulate points for each of the aforementioned categories. There is a minimum number of which must be obtained. Applications will not be considered without documentation of your accomplishments in each category. Please note, it is the candidate's responsibility to contact the necessary department representative at ACPM (in a timely fashion) to obtain documentation of meeting attendance, committee service; etc. and submit a complete application to the ACPM Membership Committee. ACPM staff will not add this information to your application.


Fellow nominations may be made by no less than two current Fellows of the American College of Preventive Medicine. Nominations are submitted in the form of two recommendation letters, which may be uploaded provided after payment. Please login to our website and view the membership directory to locate Fellows you may know.

The deadline for submission of application materials (including nomination letters) closed on September 1, 2019. 

Fellowship Application Instructions

Application Review and Election

Fellowship applications must undergo review by the ACPM Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will review all materials and convene in-person or via teleconference for discussion and voting on candidates for fellowship. ACPM members are notified of application submission deadlines through ACPM News email and our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included with my application?

In addition to your curriculum vitae and (two) letters of recommendation from current ACPM Fellows, please include ALL supporting documentation for any points that you are claiming. If the documentation validates your certification(s), participation in events and activities, it should suffice to support your points claim. If we have questions, you will be contacted for clarification.

What should be included in my recommendation letters?

Recommendations letter vary, and there is no one set template. However, the letter should supportive of your election to fellowship and the writer should provide specific examples concerning why they feel you are qualified for fellowship, based on their experiences and interactions with you.

Should individuals send the recommendation letters to me?

We require that letters of recommendation be uploaded using the link provided after payment. Applications are not considered complete without two letters of recommendation. You can upload the letters or your chosen Fellows may do it on their own. Completed applications are available upon request after the application deadline.

How long does a decision take?

The Membership Committee takes approximately one month (past the submission deadline) to deliberate on fellowship applications. Once the committee members vote, applicants are notified of their decision(s) with 24-48 hours.

I accumulated points as a resident, affiliate, or associate member. Will they be considered?

Yes, depending upon the category the points are claimed in. Some categories place time limitations on the consideration of points. Please review the categories carefully. If there are no specific time limitations outlined, submit your documentation. The Membership Committee will consider your request and make a decision.

May I apply for Fellowship if I have not been a [Full] Member of the College for three years?

Generally, the answer is no. According to ACPM's Policy Manual, "...physicians who have been ACPM [Full] Members for at least three years , and who have been [Full] Members in good standing for the three years prior to applying for Fellowship and who have contributed to the field and to the College are eligible for Fellowship."

In the event that you believe your circumstance warrants special consideration due to national prominence within the preventive medicine specialty, special contributions to the preventive medicine specialty; etc. you may prepare and submit your packet to the ACPM Membership Committee as outlined above. You must follow all guidelines, including submission of the letters of recommendation and  CV. Your application will be considered, however, acceptance is not guaranteed. The $150 application fee is non-refundable.

If I am accepted as a Fellow, how will it be recognized?

ACPM Fellows are notified by email, recognized in our ACPM News (e-newsletter publication), and on the College's website. Additionally, a special celebratory banquet is held during the Preventive Medicine Annual Meeting to acknowledge new Fellows of the College. During the banquet, you will receive a Fellowship medal, certificate, and have your photo taken with your fellowship class and the College's President. Once you are notified of your fellowship acceptance, you may immediately begin using the acronym "FACPM", which is short for "Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine" behind your name.

Is FACPM a lifetime achievement?

Achieving fellowship in ACPM is certainly a career achievement. However, our bylaws and policy manual make it clear that fellowship is classified as a "member category". Membership in the College is sustained through payment of annual dues. Therefore, if your annual dues lapse, your fellowship designation becomes invalid until reinstated with a $150 reinstatement fee. If verification services or other organizations contact us for verification of your credentials and your membership has lapsed, we will be unable to verify a valid fellowship.

How should I pay for my application?

Once you have determined your eligibility for Fellowship and reviewed the Fellowship Application questions, go to the payment page to submit the $150 nonrefundable application fee. All major credit cards are accepted for payment.


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